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Mountain Man Skiing

Mountain Man Sports was established in the Fall of 1976 in Maumee, Ohio, but that doesn't even begin to tell the true story of Mountain Man.

Mountain Man was actually founded deep in the heart of a mountain. And on that Mountain was a man named Jim. And way deep in Jim's heart was another mountain. A tiny, little heart mountain. And on that tiny heart mountain lived a man. A Mountain Man. And that Mountain Man told Jim, the way only a Mountain Man that lives inside your heart can, "Jim. Give personalized, custom service and the best products available. This is your destiny."

Jim Wenberg listened, and started the business with three other partners, very little cash, and a very big dream. A dream born on a mountain and carried down from that mountain like a burning torch. In 1984, Jim took over the business on his own.

What had started strictly as a ski shop over time added snowboards, water skis, sailboards, and small sail boats. But the Mountain Man within reminded him that sea was never Jim's calling. The Great Outdoors, yes. But the sea was a Dangerous Beast best left unsailed. Mountain Man eventually landed on solid ground, selling skis, snowboards, bikes and inline skates.

Mountain Man moved to its current location on Reynolds Road in Toledo in 1990, and in 2006, the Man within called to Jim again. "Reflect," he said, "your dedication to these other sports. Your mighty two-wheeled vehicles, wheeled fast feet, and giant sideways one-skis."

Answering the call, the Wenbergs remodeled Mountain Man Ski Shop in 2006, and changed its name to Mountain Man Sports. Mountain Man Sports is locally owned and operated by Jim and Carol Wenberg who anxiously await the next time they hear the call of the Mountain Man within them.

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